New concept for home cook food delivery and vending systems.
Increasing reachablity to affordable, fresh, healthy and hygienic food.
Involved communication technologies to our project because we believe we live in the future.
Definitely the next step is being a carbon free company with the low carbon emission production. Keeping fresh and healty food easily reachable.
Offering high quality taste
Gaining more profit with high quality and cheap fresh food.

Who we are?

Name Company Oy is established 2015 and we are taking care of catering services for Finnair Oyj at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Technical area. Our cabins are located in different locations. We are working with



We would like to build a company responsible to people and environment when it’s growing.

Currently 25 % of food produced in the world is going to trash. Yet the number of obese people in the western world is increasing every year.
Our mission is to try to reduce both numbers.

We have some choices for the concept


Include coffee machine and cabinets


Or you don’t need bigger place just need regular
cabin size H:220 cm W:66 cm D:77 cm


Coffee machine

Customer service


Name Company Oy

Turbiinikuja 6,  01530 Vantaa

Registry information

Trade Registration Number :  2673679-6

EUID No FIFPRO.2673679-6

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